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Then and Now

If you'd asked anyone 26 months ago where I would be today, Colombia it would not be. If you had asked me 2 years and 2 months ago where I would be today, Asia, would be the best guess. In October 2008, I would not be able to tell you much about where I was going to be, who I had become, what I was going to do next. But, I would be able to tell you to not be surprised, anything really could happen, right?

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one year

Today marks exactly that. One year I have been "on the road". Gone from the U.S. of A. Disappeared from first world societies. In all truthiness, I am not really sure where to start writing this blog. For the past two days I've thought about what I would write on this aniversario with nothing really coming to mind then or now. So, let's just write...

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the david why

I was nearing the end of my year off between high-school and college. Eight months in Guatemala had flown by in a flurry, soon I’d be going home, and the little taste of the travel drug had made me an addict. One country wasn’t enough, I wanted to see the rest of the world. Unfortunately there was the small matter of four years of college in between me and the world. There were no other options to be had. So applications had been sent, acceptance letters received, and the bastard named Enrollment waited for me with an evil grin.

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The plan was to arrive in Colombia yesterday, the capital city of Bogota, but instead I find myself in a posada in the middle of Venezuela not even half way there. How did I exactly end up here?

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2 weeks and counting

The day go by. It's hard to believe 3 months ago I was moving into this house I will now be leaving in 2 weeks time. Seems like just yesterday, but Carnaval seems like forever ago. I guess that's what happens when you spend the majority of your days working and sleeping and saving.

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road construction ahead

Being on the road is quite simply, amazing. It provokes a different way of thinking for a new kind of life. Good and bad, not all is always well, but life is always swell. At 6 months into this journey, I have experienced so much in so little time. From people, new friends and old friends. To places, rich in heart and poor in pocket. To cultures, changing sides and staying past.

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Blogs and Comments

comments on blogs are now turned on for everyone. you do not need an openID or a Google account anymore. so that being said, start leaving comments! tell us what you like, what you don't, what's funny and what's entirely retarded. we want to communicate with our readers, followers, stalkers, friends and family. really we do!


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Quick Update

10/26/08 - wanted to give heads up to anyone looking for videos. plenty of video has been shot, but editing isn't quite a walk in the park. plus the video so far still needs to be sent to the editor so it's going to be awhile, but eventually something will get up. we also purchased an Olympus 1030sw point-and-shoot, everything proof camera to get more random pictures and videos when we're not lugging around the expensive stuff. it arrives next week and i will edit these videos myself, cross the fingers, so stay tuned!


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