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This is Bogotá

For the past 6 months I experienced the joys and nots of living in Bogotá. A tribute to what this trip has become, Bogotá was an expected series of changes, coincidences: life.

drinks, tours, culture, Bogota, drugs, tourists, blogsherpa, food, Colombia, cities

Read More Posted By: Brendon 3/14/2010

the tourist train

Last weekend, we took a day trip on an old steam train from Bogota to a few surrounding towns and also paid a visit to the Catedral de Sal in Zipaquirá. A popular weekend outing for locals and tourists alike, the "Turistren" consists of a trip through several small towns outside of Bogota on either an old restored steam or diesel locomotive, depending on the day you go.

tours, Bogota, trains, Colombia

Read More Posted By: David 11/30/2009

a weekday getaway: Villa de Leyva

continued from "a weekday getaway: Tunja"...With buses and Tunja having taken up most of our day, we arrived Wednesday evening in Villa de Leyva, a small colonial town turned national monument, and one of the nicest colonial towns I've seen.

Villa de Leyva, drinks, churches, tours, lodging, food, Colombia, animals

Read More Posted By: David 10/12/2009

a weekday getaway: Tunja

This week we got out of the house and played tourist in the nearby towns of Tunja and Villa de Leyva, a few hours outside of Bogota.

churches, tours, public transportation, Tunja, buses, Colombia

Read More Posted By: David 10/10/2009

the "tourist bus"

Only once, in Dublin, Ireland, have I boarded a "tourist bus", but my couch surfing host suggested it as a good way to see most of the city of Salvador since he was busy working. For U$15, Salvador Bus is cheaper than cabs and buses between the spread out metropolis.

churches, tours, Brasil, Salvador, buses, food

Read More Posted By: Brendon 7/9/2009

Ciudad de México

So here we sit atop a five story colonial style hostel in the oldest part of Mexico City. For three days now, I have been pondering the church next door and wondering if I just drank too much last night or if it really is leaning to the right!?

tequila, drinks, tours, party, lodging, Mexico City, Mexico, ruins

Read More Posted By: Jason 10/4/2008

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