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A Special Report on ZA: Part 3

Experiences. The acquisition of, good and bad, are what this adventure, as are most, is ultimately about. With experience you have the opportunity to gain knowledge, insight, wisdom into the lives of others as well as yourself. South Africa came with more than expected. Different than expected. Better than expected. Experiences.

trouble, culture, people, lessons, violence, South Africa

Read More Posted By: Brendon 8/7/2010

Free Weed!

We’ve been in Cusco a little over a week now. The greatest annoyance (and it is very annoying) is the countless women offering cheap massages, shady dudes offering drugs, and restaurant owners shoving their menus in your face. The level of hassle here greatly surpasses that of any other touristy town I’ve been in.

Cusco, people, Machu Picchu, drugs, Cuzco, tourists, Peru, food

Read More Posted By: David 3/17/2010

5 Tips to Poorly Run Your Latin American Hostel

These five tips are all too commonly applied in Latin American budget hostels. Follow all of them and you’ll still probably get plenty of guests if your prices are cheap enough and you're in the right location.

people, hostels, kitchens, lodging, Latin America, water, animals

Read More Posted By: David 3/9/2010

Belem to Venezuela, Part 1

After my long long long bus ride up to northern Brasil, I jumped upon a boat heading back into the Amazon. I'd not yet convinced myself I wanted to do the boat thing again, but I met up with a Kiwi and a Bloke the night I arrived in Belem so I figured what the hell, its cheaper and its good company. Six days of card playing, vodka drinking, book reading, and hammock sleeping were about to begin.

Santerem, boats, Belem, people, Brasil, public transportation, Amazon

Read More Posted By: Brendon 8/25/2009

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