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Growing older is only fun up until a certain age. As kids we quite enjoy it, why not? Regalos, cake, friends, clowns, etc. But even as we enter our teenage years we have learning how to drive, later curfews, and graduating from high school to look forward to. Past that, its 18, becoming a real adult and then...breaking the teenage barrier of 20.

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Read More Posted By: Brendon 11/27/2009

dance, dance, dance

Tomorrow we move into a nice, albeit small, apartment in the historical center of Bogota, La Candelaria officially ending the last 6 weeks of living on the road in hostels and homes of new friends. But before the next chapter of life in a foreign country begins, lets go back a few weeks to the point where I ended off last...

dancing, beer, party, Brasil, music, couchsurfing, Recife

Read More Posted By: Brendon 8/16/2009

theme song

What would an adventure be like without a theme song? So...we've both been fans of MXPX for a while now, and we happened to be driving down the road a few weeks ago rocking out when on came a song we've heard a number of times off the Before Everything and After album called "It's Alright", and it clicked. The lyrics to the song couldn't fit much better, so: thanks MXPX, dont sue us RIAA, here are the lyrics and on the homepage you will find a streaming version of it near the bottom. Enjoy!

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Read More Posted By: Brendon 9/19/2008

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Published: 4/17/2015
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