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Te odio. Te odio.

We spent the end of December, beginning of January traveling about northern Colombia. It all started here in Bucamaranga, the capital of the departamento Santander. Lonely Planet says there is "not much to do here" and "the only real reason to stop here is to break up an overland journey". They are correct.

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adrenaline is crazy...

A couple weeks ago, our crazy Finland friend Tom came to visit. Of the many stupid, weird things Tom says or questions he asks, the only one I remember is whether or not I had ever been mugged. If you believe in jinxes, blame Tom for the following experience...

drinks, beer, Bogota, violence, locals, bums, Colombia

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Belem to Venezuela, Part 2

Having already visited Manaus, I knew it was hot, muggy, and not really full of excitement. We were interviewed on the street one night by a few school girls about why we were here, did we like it, etc. I kept my mouth shut to be nice while Alex, who actually liked the city, gave the girls an A for their assignment. I stayed inside most of the 3 recovery days, but one afternoon was spent visiting The Zoo.

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3 immigrants later...

...we arrived in mexico city but let's go back a few days.October 1st we crossed the Mexican border at reynosa which involved my uncle dropping us off in the parking lot a few blocks from the international bridge. We walked straight across without a glance from border patrol on either side, no searching of our bags by Mexican military, just a 50 cent toll that keeps the collector employed. I had read in our trusty Lonely Planet guide we needed to pay more however, for a visa longer than 7 days so we stopped at immigration on the other side to find out they cannot take our first jackson. We saved the next two hours of aimlessly wondering by meeting Juan just outside the office who, without our asking of course, offered to assist us.8 dollars later, we had two 180 day visas stamped into our passports, two bus tickets to Tampico, and the life history from Juan who lived in Chicago for 30 years before the government came to collect back taxes in the amount of $68 thousand and child support for $24. After his deportation, he spent the next few years trying to cross the rio grande to reunite with his 12 grandkids, spending 6 months in jail the first time, and a year the second after attempting to fly into Houston on stolen papers. Juan is over that now, and simply using his great English skills to help gringos find their way to the bus station. Thanks Juan.Over the course of 2 bus rides in 18 hours we met several others. All who'd given up on getting back to America, and pondered the irony of our going south while so many attempt going north. But, I'll leave that to mull over more later.

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