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Free Weed!

We’ve been in Cusco a little over a week now. The greatest annoyance (and it is very annoying) is the countless women offering cheap massages, shady dudes offering drugs, and restaurant owners shoving their menus in your face. The level of hassle here greatly surpasses that of any other touristy town I’ve been in.

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Read More Posted By: David 3/17/2010

This is Bogotá

For the past 6 months I experienced the joys and nots of living in Bogotá. A tribute to what this trip has become, Bogotá was an expected series of changes, coincidences: life.

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context is everything

There are times when as soon as the words are out of your mouth, you realize that out of context, they would sound truly hilarious, ridiculous, perverted, or just plain weird. When traveling, these situations occur most frequently...Here are a few to get started, more later.

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random Brazilian differences

Often while traveling, I enjoy noting the differences between the way life functions in the country or city I am visiting compared to back home. Here is a collection of various things I've noticed over the past few months in Brasil.

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Read More Posted By: Brendon 7/10/2009

Drug Bust?

Everyone knows you go south of the border to consume illegal substances at will, but I'm not quite sure how that works out for some people, and I'd rather not yet find out what a third-world jail cell is all about. These guys however have been in the business or habit for awhile and didn't get caught with their pants down, only the cops hands in their pants.

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Read More Posted By: Brendon 10/26/2008

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