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Starting in India: Lodging

When traveling to areas of the globe at the bottom echelons of tourism civilization, the hotel prices increase exponentially while quality decreases in tandem. The Lonely Planet normally breaks down hotels by Budget, Midrange, and Top End. There ought to be a "Shithole" category for India. In no other travel guide have I read about any city's lodging so many terrible things. Originally (and still primarily) a tool for "backpackers", the editors of the Lonely Planet usually have decent things to say about the budget accommodations. Not true for New Delhi.

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I can’t begin to describe the impact staying in Durban, South Africa has had on me and my trip. My month there is undoubtedly a major highlight of the trip overall. The countless people I met and friends I made, the seemingly non-stop insanity and the quiet days, the deep discussions and the silly inebriated conversations, all reminded me on a daily basis “This why I travel”.

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dance, dance, dance

Tomorrow we move into a nice, albeit small, apartment in the historical center of Bogota, La Candelaria officially ending the last 6 weeks of living on the road in hostels and homes of new friends. But before the next chapter of life in a foreign country begins, lets go back a few weeks to the point where I ended off last...

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so there i was...

standing in the maternity ward of a hospital...Just one of those moments in life where you go, how did I get here? Why am I here? What is going on here? Well thankfully in this case I have all the answers, no tests to run, no people to inquisition. My couch surfing host is visiting a friend who is having a baby and as I am virtually living inside his life for the next few days, this places me inside a very nice, clean and rather pleasant smelling hospital ward.So sit back down, everything is okay.

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Read More Posted By: Brendon 7/11/2009

the first couch

I arrived in Salvador to meet up with my first couch surfing experience on Tuesday evening. Walking out of the airport baggage terminal, Victor was already waiting, 30 minutes early and recognized me immediately. Car parked on the curve 5 steps away, I tossed my bags and we went off to grab some grub. Salvador is a seaside city full of seafood dishes so he ordered up some boiled oysters and shrimp pastries to compliment the beer. A good start to my first couch surfing experience if you ask me.

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