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I Returned

I boarded a plane with an expected 20 combined hours of flight travel. I spent 8 hours in airports, 6 in the Johannesburg bus station fearing for my pockets, 12 in a train to the Mozambique border, 4 in taxis waiting to leave, cross, and arrive in Maputo. I spent the next 3 walking lost around a new city, a new country.

Maputo, Mozambique, Rio de Janeiro, borders, public transportation, cities

Read More Posted By: Brendon 7/25/2010

This is Bogotá

For the past 6 months I experienced the joys and nots of living in Bogotá. A tribute to what this trip has become, Bogotá was an expected series of changes, coincidences: life.

drinks, tours, culture, Bogota, drugs, tourists, blogsherpa, food, Colombia, cities

Read More Posted By: Brendon 3/14/2010

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Published: 4/17/2015
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