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a weekday getaway: Villa de Leyva

continued from "a weekday getaway: Tunja"...With buses and Tunja having taken up most of our day, we arrived Wednesday evening in Villa de Leyva, a small colonial town turned national monument, and one of the nicest colonial towns I've seen.

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Read More Posted By: David 10/12/2009

a weekday getaway: Tunja

This week we got out of the house and played tourist in the nearby towns of Tunja and Villa de Leyva, a few hours outside of Bogota.

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Read More Posted By: David 10/10/2009

the "tourist bus"

Only once, in Dublin, Ireland, have I boarded a "tourist bus", but my couch surfing host suggested it as a good way to see most of the city of Salvador since he was busy working. For U$15, Salvador Bus is cheaper than cabs and buses between the spread out metropolis.

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Read More Posted By: Brendon 7/9/2009

San Juan Chamula

This place was interesting. Only a few miles outside of San Cristobal it seems to be in a completely different country. San Cristobal is a plethora of fast paced moments in its busy markets and major streets that encompass the pivotal town of the mountainous region. San Juan Chamula, however, is a place where the past is embraced and the modernity of the city is used as a tool.

churches, San Cristobal, San Juan Chamula, religion, Mexico, Mayan

Read More Posted By: Jason 10/17/2008

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