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A Special Report on ZA: Part 1

Africa is lost in many respects to the world. For many, literally they get lost looking for it on a map. For others, its a continent doomed to demise. For few, its the next new thing. I couldn't even begin to write an deserving blog of Africa, specifically South Africa, our home for nearly the past 2 months. While we have traveled very little in terms of places, we've experienced much more in terms of culture: life, death, happiness, sadness, hope, fear.

Nysna, culture, Cape Town, beer, Plettenberg Bay, lodging, public transportation, South Africa, food, animals

Read More Posted By: Brendon 7/27/2010

bar hopping in Medellín: a photo blog

Medellín has gone from being known as one of the most dangerous cities in the world, the “drug capital”, and the “murder capital”, to being one of the safest cities in Latin American in a ridiculously short time. Today it’s one of the most popular and heavily hyped cities in Colombia among tourists. Four and half months in Bogota and all we ever heard from other travelers was of the magical land called “Medellín”. So our first night there, we decided to put the town to the test with a night of bar hopping.

drinks, beer, Medellin, Colombia

Read More Posted By: David 1/16/2010


Growing older is only fun up until a certain age. As kids we quite enjoy it, why not? Regalos, cake, friends, clowns, etc. But even as we enter our teenage years we have learning how to drive, later curfews, and graduating from high school to look forward to. Past that, its 18, becoming a real adult and then...breaking the teenage barrier of 20.

drinks, birthdays, beer, girls, Bogota, The Killers, music, concerts, holidays, food, Colombia

Read More Posted By: Brendon 11/27/2009

adrenaline is crazy...

A couple weeks ago, our crazy Finland friend Tom came to visit. Of the many stupid, weird things Tom says or questions he asks, the only one I remember is whether or not I had ever been mugged. If you believe in jinxes, blame Tom for the following experience...

drinks, beer, Bogota, violence, locals, bums, Colombia

Read More Posted By: Brendon 11/4/2009

Stood Up!

Maybe for the first time in my life I have actually, categorically, been stood up by a girl. The story started while visiting Salvador on a simple Saturday night at a bar/club called Borracharia. Now apparently I was the only one to find this name quite amusing out of the group in attendance. Not laughing yet? Let me explain.

beer, party, girls, Brasil, Salvador, public transportation

Read More Posted By: Brendon 8/19/2009

dance, dance, dance

Tomorrow we move into a nice, albeit small, apartment in the historical center of Bogota, La Candelaria officially ending the last 6 weeks of living on the road in hostels and homes of new friends. But before the next chapter of life in a foreign country begins, lets go back a few weeks to the point where I ended off last...

dancing, beer, party, Brasil, music, couchsurfing, Recife

Read More Posted By: Brendon 8/16/2009

random Brazilian differences

Often while traveling, I enjoy noting the differences between the way life functions in the country or city I am visiting compared to back home. Here is a collection of various things I've noticed over the past few months in Brasil.

beer, Rio de Janeiro, shopping, Brasil, drugs, weather, food

Read More Posted By: Brendon 7/10/2009

My Carnaval, Not Everyones

The closest thing I can think of to relate what Carnaval (in Portuguese, everywhere else, Carnival) here in Rio de Janeiro was for me like is to go back to my small town semi-roots: "street dance". If you are unfamiliar with the term, "block party" might be more adequate, but I cannot imagine many of these go on these days with all the laws regarding underage drinking, liability litigation, etc.

drinks, beer, party, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, holidays

Read More Posted By: Brendon 4/22/2009

the sides of Isla Carenero

I woke up this morning planning to hit the ocean in scuba gear, under the water with the fishies. But at 8am, yes I woke up this early, the skies were completely overcasted from the rains the night before still so I returned to my top bunk. I don't like the top bunk but it was cooler, fans blowing all night. I actually used my sheet.

drinks, beer, Bocas del Toro, islands, beaches, Panama

Read More Posted By: Brendon 1/24/2009

firsts in Guatemala

the following blog is a mish-mash of fun, excitement, boredom, but most importantly random events that either deserved their own blog (and got one) or those that did not. some of these stories were written weeks ago and never published, others i will try to make up (and remember) as i go along. the central idea is first evers, either for me, for us, or for them. enjoy...

Antigua, drinks, beer, party, Guatemala, Xela

Read More Posted By: Brendon 12/7/2008

sensual drinks and succulent eats

rated: PG-13 for strong use of sensuality embellished to zero degree.guidebooks, stupid tourists, hippies and the like say Belize is "expensive"...not that we haven't blown a wad of cash here, that diving stuff isn't cheap, but its not as brutal on the bank account as it's made out to be. it's up to the traveler what to pay in the end, $10/night hotels are possible as are $50. free wireless internet can be found or paid for at $7/hour. but enough of that, let's talk about the good stuff, food and booze...

drinks, Caye Caulker, beer, Belize, food

Read More Posted By: Roads Unknown 10/25/2008

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