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The Mozambican Visa Expedition: Part 2

Visa in hand, all that remained was to buy my bus tickets. It was far less painful and time consuming. I was good to go, bus for that night, now to try and get a minibus taxi home. I was unable to find the taxis to my neighborhood. Again, three people (two of them taxi drivers) send me to the wrong place. Apparently there is a South African law against admitting you don’t know where a place is.

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Read More Posted By: David 8/14/2010

the worst bus ride ever?

Planning in advance, we bought our tickets 8 hours before departure time. After stashing our bags at the equipment check, we headed out sightseeing around Medellin. Our last day of "vacation", we were returning to Bogota the following morning. Except for a few bumps, our trip was an enjoyable success. Here is one of said bumps.

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