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A Special Report on ZA: Part 1

Africa is lost in many respects to the world. For many, literally they get lost looking for it on a map. For others, its a continent doomed to demise. For few, its the next new thing. I couldn't even begin to write an deserving blog of Africa, specifically South Africa, our home for nearly the past 2 months. While we have traveled very little in terms of places, we've experienced much more in terms of culture: life, death, happiness, sadness, hope, fear.

Nysna, culture, Cape Town, beer, Plettenberg Bay, lodging, public transportation, South Africa, food, animals

Read More Posted By: Brendon 7/27/2010

5 Tips to Poorly Run Your Latin American Hostel

These five tips are all too commonly applied in Latin American budget hostels. Follow all of them and you’ll still probably get plenty of guests if your prices are cheap enough and you're in the right location.

people, hostels, kitchens, lodging, Latin America, water, animals

Read More Posted By: David 3/9/2010

a weekday getaway: Villa de Leyva

continued from "a weekday getaway: Tunja"...With buses and Tunja having taken up most of our day, we arrived Wednesday evening in Villa de Leyva, a small colonial town turned national monument, and one of the nicest colonial towns I've seen.

Villa de Leyva, drinks, churches, tours, lodging, food, Colombia, animals

Read More Posted By: David 10/12/2009

Belem to Venezuela, Part 2

Having already visited Manaus, I knew it was hot, muggy, and not really full of excitement. We were interviewed on the street one night by a few school girls about why we were here, did we like it, etc. I kept my mouth shut to be nice while Alex, who actually liked the city, gave the girls an A for their assignment. I stayed inside most of the 3 recovery days, but one afternoon was spent visiting The Zoo.

villages, boats, Careiro, Brasil, Manaus, rivers, locals, Amazon, houses, animals

Read More Posted By: Brendon 8/26/2009

Granada (The Second Time)

Granada for me has always been one of those places that has draw. Yes, I like sitting on the beach soaking up the rays. Yes, I like the life of knowing a great number of people in the town that you live in, but a part of me has always been drawn to cities and as such Granada fills that void that cannot be filled by random beach towns and surfers. While not a big city, it has an incredible colonial feel to it that I can personally walk around and just enjoy for hours on end.

Nicaragua, boats, Granada, animals

Read More Posted By: Jason 1/20/2009

My Friend the Lizard

So as I sat alone in the middle of the jungle in El Panchan, I contemplated all the interesting and fearsome creatures that lurked not more than a a few feet away in the inky blackness that consumed all light from my dying flashlight...

Palenque, El Panchan, Mexico, lizards, animals

Read More Posted By: Jason 10/11/2008

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