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Losing the Tongue

continued from "Holding the Tongue"...It was 20 hours to the border and I had just enough money to pay my exit fee. This meant my dinner, breakfast and lunch were leftover crackers and a bottle of water. Nigel had graciously payed my last lunch of Chinese food the day before. By the time I arrived, much later than expected, I still had another hour to travel.

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Holding the Tongue

As we rode the bus up and out of the city on Wednesday, the oranges and browns of the bricks and mortars disappeared, replaced by the greens and yellows of the countryside. I recognized the road almost immediately as the one I bussed in on nearly 2 months ago and my mind wandered to that eventful series of days...

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Belem to Venezuela, Part 4

Overcast and early, we arrived in Boa Vista to find the next bus leaving for Venezuela at 12 noon. Having read the following in the Lonely Planet, I ventured into town to take care of business:

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The plan was to arrive in Colombia yesterday, the capital city of Bogota, but instead I find myself in a posada in the middle of Venezuela not even half way there. How did I exactly end up here?

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