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Random in Oaxaca

Pigeons tried to eat my nuts today. Peanuts. I should guard those more carefully. They might have tried to drink my Dos XX also, but I grabbed it first as the 3 of them attacked my table on the Zocalo from out of nowhere. I spawned curse words at them which normally wouldn't receive any looks in a foreign country, but this place is full of tourists including the retired American couple next to me. Oops.

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Read More Posted By: Brendon 11/5/2008

holy mole

I'm not a fan. I'll admit it. I always liked the chicken mole burrito (second to the potato burrito of course) at Big City, but apparently thats not real MOLE. What is mole? Chocolate. Not the sweet Hershey's kind, the bitter stuff. We ate this first at a restaurant fancily named Zandunga our first day in Oaxaca, and for the rest of the time I attempted to avoid it and failed several more times:

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Read More Posted By: Brendon 11/4/2008

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