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Random in Oaxaca

Pigeons tried to eat my nuts today. Peanuts. I should guard those more carefully. They might have tried to drink my Dos XX also, but I grabbed it first as the 3 of them attacked my table on the Zocalo from out of nowhere. I spawned curse words at them which normally wouldn't receive any looks in a foreign country, but this place is full of tourists including the retired American couple next to me. Oops.

taxis, public transportation, Oaxaca, Mexico, holidays, food

Read More Posted By: Brendon 11/5/2008

holy mole

I'm not a fan. I'll admit it. I always liked the chicken mole burrito (second to the potato burrito of course) at Big City, but apparently thats not real MOLE. What is mole? Chocolate. Not the sweet Hershey's kind, the bitter stuff. We ate this first at a restaurant fancily named Zandunga our first day in Oaxaca, and for the rest of the time I attempted to avoid it and failed several more times:

Oaxaca, Mexico, food

Read More Posted By: Brendon 11/4/2008

one month later...

Well, it's officially been a month, but it doesn't seem that long until I realize how far I'm actually going. 30 days later, I'm finally remembering to put the paper in the wastebasket not the toilet. In October we essentially played turista for 30 straight days, and are quite exhausted.

San Cristobal, Caye Caulker, Belize City, tax, Merida, San Ignacio, Mexico City, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Tikal, Mayan

Read More Posted By: Brendon 10/31/2008

San Juan Chamula

This place was interesting. Only a few miles outside of San Cristobal it seems to be in a completely different country. San Cristobal is a plethora of fast paced moments in its busy markets and major streets that encompass the pivotal town of the mountainous region. San Juan Chamula, however, is a place where the past is embraced and the modernity of the city is used as a tool.

churches, San Cristobal, San Juan Chamula, religion, Mexico, Mayan

Read More Posted By: Jason 10/17/2008


I had my doubts when we were planning our little excursion to this city because of the potential that it be just a smaller version of Mexico City. The almighty Lonely Planet however touted that this place be a great place to spend a weekend because of the weekly festivals and street parties. We were once again not disappointed with the LP advice...

Lonely Planet, Merida, festivals, Mexico

Read More Posted By: Jason 10/15/2008

My Friend the Lizard

So as I sat alone in the middle of the jungle in El Panchan, I contemplated all the interesting and fearsome creatures that lurked not more than a a few feet away in the inky blackness that consumed all light from my dying flashlight...

Palenque, El Panchan, Mexico, lizards, animals

Read More Posted By: Jason 10/11/2008

roof unknown

We found Flor de Cana one night in San Cristobal while hanging out with Karly. After having a few, seriously, only a few, we exited the hippie infested bar known as Le Revolucion, and arrived at our hostel only to find it locked with no response to the bell. We circled the block but there was no other entrance, until Jason and I both simultaneously had a bad idea: the roof.

San Cristobal, trouble, lodging, Mexico

Read More Posted By: Brendon 10/10/2008

a list part 1

So the other night, we met our first American. Okay not really, she doesn't count. Karly has been living on the pacific coast of Mexico for the past year or so with her partner, doing a myriad of various jobs but mainly teaching yoga and surfing. originally hailing from Austin makes her technically "American", but, since it doesn't count, we have yet to meet another fellow USA-ian. Ever meet that person who, during the first few conversations, aces every question that you subconsciously use as a friend-filtering quiz? This was Karly for us, and this is our "top 10" list (in no particular order) of things we agreed upon:

San Cristobal, books, Mexico

Read More Posted By: Brendon 10/9/2008

just around the corner

The hostel we have been staying in for the past 3 days in the Centro Historico of Mexico City is across the street from the presidential palace and a block down from the popular Zocalo square.

riots, lodging, Mexico City, Mexico

Read More Posted By: Brendon 10/5/2008

3 immigrants later...

...we arrived in mexico city but let's go back a few days.October 1st we crossed the Mexican border at reynosa which involved my uncle dropping us off in the parking lot a few blocks from the international bridge. We walked straight across without a glance from border patrol on either side, no searching of our bags by Mexican military, just a 50 cent toll that keeps the collector employed. I had read in our trusty Lonely Planet guide we needed to pay more however, for a visa longer than 7 days so we stopped at immigration on the other side to find out they cannot take our first jackson. We saved the next two hours of aimlessly wondering by meeting Juan just outside the office who, without our asking of course, offered to assist us.8 dollars later, we had two 180 day visas stamped into our passports, two bus tickets to Tampico, and the life history from Juan who lived in Chicago for 30 years before the government came to collect back taxes in the amount of $68 thousand and child support for $24. After his deportation, he spent the next few years trying to cross the rio grande to reunite with his 12 grandkids, spending 6 months in jail the first time, and a year the second after attempting to fly into Houston on stolen papers. Juan is over that now, and simply using his great English skills to help gringos find their way to the bus station. Thanks Juan.Over the course of 2 bus rides in 18 hours we met several others. All who'd given up on getting back to America, and pondered the irony of our going south while so many attempt going north. But, I'll leave that to mull over more later.

public transportation, locals, Mexico, buses

Read More Posted By: Brendon 10/4/2008

Ciudad de México

So here we sit atop a five story colonial style hostel in the oldest part of Mexico City. For three days now, I have been pondering the church next door and wondering if I just drank too much last night or if it really is leaning to the right!?

tequila, drinks, tours, party, lodging, Mexico City, Mexico, ruins

Read More Posted By: Jason 10/4/2008

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