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Nine down, Ninety-one to go

Earlier today, I came across an article on the Matador travel blog titled 100 Things to Experience Before You Die. Just for kicks, I decided to tally up how many I've done so far. I think I'm off to a decent start, but there's a great deal left I still wish to do:

Buenos Aires, Machu Picchu, Matador, Oktoberfest, Guatemala, World Cup, South Africa, diving, tango, Colombia

Read More Posted By: David 8/23/2010

firsts in Guatemala

the following blog is a mish-mash of fun, excitement, boredom, but most importantly random events that either deserved their own blog (and got one) or those that did not. some of these stories were written weeks ago and never published, others i will try to make up (and remember) as i go along. the central idea is first evers, either for me, for us, or for them. enjoy...

Antigua, drinks, beer, party, Guatemala, Xela

Read More Posted By: Brendon 12/7/2008

Thanksgiving in Xela

So this is me Madre in Xela. Flory runs the school in which we studied for four weeks. From what I know she loves her job and as with any good educator makes sure that her students enjoy/learn the most from their time in her school. Thanksgiving was no different for us. It was an odd request in Guatemala: we wanted to throw a Thanksgiving dinner (i.e. party) in the school. Apparently, it was the first Thanksgiving meal that was cooked in the school and I have to say that it was an incredibly good time.

holidays, Guatemala, Xela

Read More Posted By: Roads Unknown 12/6/2008

Things I Have Learned in Guatemala

So as our time dwindles in Guatemala, I wanted to put down a few of those things that I really didn't expect about the place. A few of them you might think of as common sense, but some of them really did hit me like the route six chicken bus doing 65 MPH down a cobble stone side street that is as wide as an H2. So here you go!

lessons, Guatemala, Xela

Read More Posted By: Jason 12/5/2008

Hope: In a Coffee Bean

Over the weekend Jason and I visited a local coffee finca called Nueva Alianza about 2 hours outside of Xela. Matty, our Canadian hippie friend and his family, along with a few others from our school and around also toured. He posted a great blog about the history and struggle the locals went through to live a quality life. So instead of reinventing the story, here is our first guest column from Matty...

Nueva Alianza, drinks, Matty Powell, coffee, NGO, Guatemala, Xela

Read More Posted By: Matty 12/2/2008

beaches, balls, and banditos

Two weekends ago we decided to get out of this cold climate of a city and find the sun. Weekend trips in Xela tend to start around 7am so we took the previous night off to be make the early trek. Fortunately, Flory (or school's director) picked us up in the microbus in front of our hostel so we didn't have to walk the mile to the school in the 50 degree morning.

trouble, sports, beaches, Guatemala, El Tulate

Read More Posted By: Brendon 12/1/2008

holiday number dos

Might as well be a holiday. Jason's birthday that is. We spend more, drink more, eat more on our cumpleanos (birthdays) than any other legitimate holiday including New Years. This past Friday was no exception.

drinks, party, holidays, Guatemala, Xela

Read More Posted By: Brendon 11/25/2008

como se dice?

That's the line these days. How do you say that? How do you say this? I took Spanish classes in middle and high school and I've worked my share of jobs with Hispanics, but nothing beats one-on-one instruction with a language teacher, especially at the rate of only $150/week. That includes meals and lodging by the way.

Guatemala, language, Xela

Read More Posted By: Brendon 11/17/2008

The Chicken Bus

So here I sit in a small internet cafe in Quetzeltenango Guatemala. We have been here for a couple of days, and if the ride out of here is anything like the ride in I may be a little afraid to get on that bus out of town.

public transportation, buses, Guatemala

Read More Posted By: Jason 11/9/2008

one month later...

Well, it's officially been a month, but it doesn't seem that long until I realize how far I'm actually going. 30 days later, I'm finally remembering to put the paper in the wastebasket not the toilet. In October we essentially played turista for 30 straight days, and are quite exhausted.

San Cristobal, Caye Caulker, Belize City, tax, Merida, San Ignacio, Mexico City, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Tikal, Mayan

Read More Posted By: Brendon 10/31/2008


If you are seriously into ruins, I would highly suggest this place. If you are a fair weather type of ruin-goer, I would suggest doing something a little more mellow like Uxmal or even the Aztec ruins in Mexico City. Tikal however will not disappoint at all if you are willing to brave the jungle. An amazing view and many many very cool buildings await those that brave the 14km walk to see them all. Do however remember the following:

Guatemala, Tikal, ruins

Read More Posted By: Jason 10/30/2008

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