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Crossing the Border to Hell

Alright you have to excuse me while I put a little rant down on paper. As the namesake implies it is about border crossings and how they are the incarnation of an idea formulated by the devil himself.

Costa Rica, borders, Panama

Read More Posted By: Jason 1/26/2009

back to borders

So there I was in what is probably the dumpiest, sketchiest place I've stated in, yet (and perhaps ever). I went for the single bed as time again has proven bunk beds to be mostly noise. I switched in the middle of the night, proven wrong. Plus there weren't springs stuck in my back anymore. I was forced to pee on my tippy toes in socks for fear of the over zealous fungi. Three times that night.

Costa Rica, borders, Bocas del Toro, public transportation, buses, Panama

Read More Posted By: Brendon 1/23/2009

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Published: 4/17/2015
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