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Starting in India: Food

I love India food. The flavors, the spices, the smells. Nann bread, lamb masala, tandoori chicken. I have rarely ever been disappointed by an Indian meal. India was about to change that...

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Starting in India: Transportation

This isn't Europe. We didn't expect it to be, but we also didn't expect it to degraded.

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Starting in India: Lodging

When traveling to areas of the globe at the bottom echelons of tourism civilization, the hotel prices increase exponentially while quality decreases in tandem. The Lonely Planet normally breaks down hotels by Budget, Midrange, and Top End. There ought to be a "Shithole" category for India. In no other travel guide have I read about any city's lodging so many terrible things. Originally (and still primarily) a tool for "backpackers", the editors of the Lonely Planet usually have decent things to say about the budget accommodations. Not true for New Delhi.

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Starting in India: Introduction

Starting the third and final continent of the journey in India was probably not my best idea ever. Andrea and I traveled South America together, her native language mas o menos. We traveled Europe together, a sophisticated place of old and new first world. And then, we decided to travel Asia together...

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Then and Now

If you'd asked anyone 26 months ago where I would be today, Colombia it would not be. If you had asked me 2 years and 2 months ago where I would be today, Asia, would be the best guess. In October 2008, I would not be able to tell you much about where I was going to be, who I had become, what I was going to do next. But, I would be able to tell you to not be surprised, anything really could happen, right?

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A Special Report on ZA: Part 3

Experiences. The acquisition of, good and bad, are what this adventure, as are most, is ultimately about. With experience you have the opportunity to gain knowledge, insight, wisdom into the lives of others as well as yourself. South Africa came with more than expected. Different than expected. Better than expected. Experiences.

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A Special Report on ZA: Part 2

Brazil v. Portugal was up next and with almost week out on the farm without television, we were feeling left out of the World Cup madness. Little did we know when we set out at 4 in the morning, sleeping in the back of the "bucky" on a mattress for an 8 hour journey across the country, what type of madness we would be encountering.

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A Special Report on ZA: Part 1

Africa is lost in many respects to the world. For many, literally they get lost looking for it on a map. For others, its a continent doomed to demise. For few, its the next new thing. I couldn't even begin to write an deserving blog of Africa, specifically South Africa, our home for nearly the past 2 months. While we have traveled very little in terms of places, we've experienced much more in terms of culture: life, death, happiness, sadness, hope, fear.

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I Returned

I boarded a plane with an expected 20 combined hours of flight travel. I spent 8 hours in airports, 6 in the Johannesburg bus station fearing for my pockets, 12 in a train to the Mozambique border, 4 in taxis waiting to leave, cross, and arrive in Maputo. I spent the next 3 walking lost around a new city, a new country.

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An American in Lima

Contrary to common practices, this past weekend turned into an culinary exploration of America in Lima, Peru. Culinary is absolutely the wrong word, but I do like the more distinguished sound of it.

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This is Bogotá

For the past 6 months I experienced the joys and nots of living in Bogotá. A tribute to what this trip has become, Bogotá was an expected series of changes, coincidences: life.

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Sick in Santa

Andrea's parents told me a story before they left about how Dad took ill one trip to Cartagena after indulging in unknowingly tainted foods. I didn't make it that far.

Taganga, Santa Marta, illness, beaches, holidays, Colombia

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Te odio. Te odio.

We spent the end of December, beginning of January traveling about northern Colombia. It all started here in Bucamaranga, the capital of the departamento Santander. Lonely Planet says there is "not much to do here" and "the only real reason to stop here is to break up an overland journey". They are correct.

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The day started with waking up to the owner of our hostel arguing with a guest. "You not stay tonight. Period." A group had rented out the entire place. While we'd "reserved" our room the night before just in case we wanted to stay, we figured we might as well pack and be ready...

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the worst bus ride ever?

Planning in advance, we bought our tickets 8 hours before departure time. After stashing our bags at the equipment check, we headed out sightseeing around Medellin. Our last day of "vacation", we were returning to Bogota the following morning. Except for a few bumps, our trip was an enjoyable success. Here is one of said bumps.

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