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Starting in India: Introduction

Starting the third and final continent of the journey in India was probably not my best idea ever. Andrea and I traveled South America together, her native language mas o menos. We traveled Europe together, a sophisticated place of old and new first world. And then, we decided to travel Asia together...

India however is the epitome of a foreign land of foreign lands. Maybe not the best place to experience your first trip, entirely alone, as a recently engaged couple? Andrea actually claims India is another planet. The number of cultures and peoples mashed into this behemoth of a nation really would be enough to populate another earth.

As you read through the next few blogs, you will learn about just a few of the "experiences" we encountered. Most of it unfortunately will sound negative, but there are many wonderful things about India if you can dig deep, look past the aggravations of their society. Most of these positive experiences you will not find in our writings, rather in our photos. India bares countless monuments, ancient fortresses, immense temples, thousands of artworks and tapestries, but most importantly it bleeds history everywhere.

A visit to India is a once in a lifetime experience for most, but if you survive, perhaps you will desire to make it a twice. Do your research, on-line and in-person, of those who've traveled before you, with like mindedness. For many it is a magical, time forgotten place. For others it is a disruption. Understand who you are and what you expect. You will most surely will be surprised and enlightened, whether you ultimately demonize or delight the experience.

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Posted By: Brendon 10/25/2011