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Nine down, Ninety-one to go

Earlier today, I came across an article on the Matador travel blog titled 100 Things to Experience Before You Die. Just for kicks, I decided to tally up how many I've done so far. I think I'm off to a decent start, but there's a great deal left I still wish to do:

13. Trek the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.
I opted for the Salkantay route to get to Machu, but I'm still going to count this one.
28. Learn to scuba dive in the Red Sea.
Did this one this week, and as of today got my Open Water diving certification. Boom. Done. Next?

29. Discover your own Machu Picchu in Peru.
Choquequirao? Really? We were less than impressed with this one, and I don't think it belongs on the list, but whatever, we did it.

30. Hitchhike around South Africa.
It was only for five minutes, but as it was with a South African, Kiwi, Slovaks, and a bottle of rum, I'm checking this one too.

58. Live or study abroad for a while.
I think seven months of Spanish lessons and ten months total in Guatemala counts for sure, as does six months living in Colombia.

60. Watch the World Cup.
It was insane. More need not be said. Check.

71. Learn to dance Tango in Buenos Aires.
Much to my surprise, I actually enjoyed this. Or maybe it was just the fedora...

92. Get off the beaten path in Colombia.
I'm not sure how far off we went, but I think we did to a degree.

93. Drink litre steins of beer and eat pork knuckles at Oktoberfest.
This one's coming up in just a short while.

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Posted By: David 8/23/2010