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An American in Lima

Contrary to common practices, this past weekend turned into an culinary exploration of America in Lima, Peru. Culinary is absolutely the wrong word, but I do like the more distinguished sound of it.

It first started with Andrea wanting a wrap. After reviewing 10s of menus between the two main parks in downtown Lima, down the tourist laden pedestrian zones, the odd streets where the locals figured I was lost, over a 15 block stretch, we found nothing of the sort. Every restaurant, one after the other had a collection of daily lunch menus, every one containing exactly the same thing, just the typical Peruvian dishes: lomo saltado, ceviche, and poor man's steak.

Until we came upon the cluckingly popular KFC. I rarely ate pollo from here in The States, but it is wildly popular in Ecuador and Peru. Odd because there is a guy selling fried chicken for half the price just down the street out of the back of his car. They must love the buckets. As customary in almost every fast-food American chain gang restaurant these days, something is offered wrapped in a tortilla. And Andrea, who never eats more than half of my standard meal, ordered the largest wrap possible. I followed suit and so began the tour of American food in Lima.

A cup of joe, American-style. Starbucks. A big coffee fan, who isn't from Colombia, Andrea had never tasted the over-priced, found-on-every-street-corner, cup of coffee from the-one-and-only Starbucks. Well we had already started our downward spiral, why not continue it. Her only comment: the size of the small was 3x of that in Colombia. My white chocolate thing tasted just like back home.

The last time I remember going to a T.G.I. Friday's I was 12 or something. With 2 down, we figured we'd make a day of it so I could write this blog. Plus, I wanted a gigantic real-American hamburger. American-sized portions were enjoyed tremendously while I explained the "flair" on the red and white striped overall uniforms to Andrea using Office Space as a reference.

Basking in the influence of American food and drink culture for a day reminded me of why American culinary institutions are so successful. As I eat out 99.9% of my meals these days, I truly miss not the American-food, not the American-selection, not the American-portions, not the American-cleanliness...the most. But the service...with a smile :)

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Posted By: Brendon 4/6/2010