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Pigeons tried to eat my nuts today. Peanuts. I should guard those more carefully. They might have tried to drink my Dos XX also, but I grabbed it first as the 3 of them attacked my table on the Zocalo from out of nowhere. I spawned curse words at them which normally wouldn't receive any looks in a foreign country, but this place is full of tourists including the retired American couple next to me. Oops.

Tacos in Oaxaca are served on a plate. Like enchiladas, but crunchy. Covered in a mildly spicy sour verde sauce. I've been trying to find this type of green sauce in Colorado for years. Now you know where to get it King Soopers.

Balloon vendors line the main square of town, the Zocalo. I find it hard to believe that many kids' parents buy them balloons, but who am I to know anything about the business. I did find myself contemplating one night, like a child, how many it would take for me to fly. Jason says 960. When quizzed on how he knows this he said mythbusters and then attempted to rattle off some math. I considered trying to prove him wrong, but spending $960 on balloons didn't seem like a good use of our shortening money supply.

I've never seen a cemetery filled with so many alive people, stepping on graves like its cool. I took a few video shots since I can't really steal a dead persons soul. Beer, music, food and fun later I was just a little creeped out, but it had nothing to do with the dead people awaking after a year's sleep since the last holiday.

There are speed bumps everywhere. And city planners here know how to make them work. Drivers slow down. You wouldn't want to wear out the shocks though it doesn't stop the cabby from accelerating from 0 to 50 every 25 meters in between though.

Speaking of cabs, remember the Toyota Tercel? Your parents passed it down to you from your older siblings. It gave you a reason to stop complaining about the hand-me-down jeans. They are still 80's style, but brand new here. Mexico still produces the model for the cheapo car rental and cab businesses. That and Tuk-Tuks.

When you were a kid did you parent's check your candy for "poison"? I was thinking about this as kids walked around begging for money with small orange pumpkins. Why didn't I ever think of that? After two beers of that (and no more change) we moved bars to the no kids allowed area of town. But speaking of poison, was it just a ruse so half your candy could go missing? No one actually poison's kids do they? If not, then why wasn't the Easter Bunny's egg hunting candy searched?

There are many alters around here, obviously displayed for in lieu of the upcoming holiday renown around the world as Dia de Los Muertos and well, why we are here. They depict dead people as alive, the idea behind the festivities is to reunite with past loved ones, in what they typically would be doing if still on top of the soil and not below. Here in Mexico, they are shown doing what they do best: eating, drinking, praying, and of course, humping.

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Posted By: Brendon 11/5/2008

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